the South Beach diet plan

The South Beach diet plan

South beach diet is a weight losing program created by cardiologist Dr. Arhur Agatston. The program allows you to lose weight by avoiding consumption of bad fats and carbohydrates.

Bad carbohydrates are carbohydrates found in processed foods. These carbohydrates have a high glycemic index: they are quickly dissolved in blood resulting to a sharp increase in blood sugar levels. The high sugar levels are not only harmful to your heart, but also to your overall health. Bad fats are the saturated fats that cause arteriosclerosis and other heart diseases.
How the south beach diet works ?
The diet is a blend of healthy eating habits and lifestyle changes. The diet works in 3 phases that are aimed at breaking your carbohydrate craving.

Phase 1 is the strictest and lasts for two weeks. This phase restricts consumption of processed foods that are rich in bad carbohydrates. Such foods include: rice, bread, and sugar snacks. By eliminating bad sugars in the diet, sugar levels in blood are stabilized. This results to rapid weight loss.

Phase 2 is meant to train you on how to take correct food proportions. You stay at this phase until you attain your desired weight. Since some previously restricted foods such as fruits, low fat milk, and grains are re-introduced, weight loss at this phase is slow.

Phase 3 is the most important of the three. This is because this is where you learn how to eat a diet that will maintain your weight. While at this phase, you have already attained your desired weight. So, you are learning how to maintain it. Still at this phase, you are restricted from eating food containing bad sugars and fats.


Due its well laid-out phases, south beach diet is easy to follow. However, it requires high level of self discipline and dedication on your part, in-order to realize results.

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