Best Thigh Exercises

Best Thigh Exercises

Exercising regularly keeps our bodies fit. Rather than generalize the topic, I am going to focus on the thigh exercises and give you the best pointers of how to go about it. After trying them out you will wonder what kept you waiting. They are definitely the best thigh exercises.

Pick a pair of dumbbells, one in each hand, and lunge forward with either of your legs. Do this while ensuring your torso is upright and repeat the procedure for the other leg. This stretches your thighs and kneecap as well. With the same dumbbells held over your head, hold your thighs tightly together. Stand on your toes and spring up and down. Your back should be positioned as if you were sitting on a chair.

To tighten the back of your thigh, stand with your legs apart, preferably wider than your shoulder length. With your arms stretched out in front of you, squat the lowest you can while making sure your knees don’t go past your pointed out toes. Now for the front thigh stretch exercise, maintain the distance between your legs but now turn your toes forward. Routinely pick up dumbbells and squat. At the point your knees are positioned at 90 degrees, place them down and repeat the same for a minute. Your torso should be upright all through.

Now it is time to concentrate on the outer and inner thigh stretch. Hold onto a chair in front of you and ensure your torso is upright and your hips are facing forward. With a bit of momentum, bring your right foot forward in front of your left and back again ten times. Now repeat the same but only this time swinging your left foot over your right ten times. Repeat this set for five minutes or so.

You can use an exercise ball to strengthen your thighs. Place it between a wall and the curved part of your back. Having spread your legs to shoulder length, move up and down against the wall but don’t go too low. Take a break in between the exercise to avoid stressing your back.

Make a point of wearing the right attire for this exercises and put on some music to maintain a rhythm. Be safe and don’t do anything too adventurous.

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